The horse knows...
He knows if you know...
He also knows if you don’t know.
— Ray Hunt

Equine Facilitated Coaching is a process whereby Life Coaching is enhanced by the presence of a horse during the coaching process.

Why a horse?

Horses teach us through metaphor

Working with a horse in a coaching setting creates an experience of quickened transformation as well as an experience with the soul of nature.

Horses are highly sensitive animals with the ability to sense energy and emotions that are subtle. By spending time with a horse, many old patterns, beliefs and thoughts can get stirred up in a person ( the client). The horse is able to interpret those energies and mirror them back to the client through body movements, actions and through interactions with the client.

The client is able to very quickly see where they have been stuck or confused or sabotaging their own best interests through the interactions with the horse. We are in a heightened state of awareness when we are with horses and the client is able to comprehend and absorb the horse’s messages.

The horse lives in the present moment. The horse does not hold onto resentments or anger or fears. The horse is highly attuned to the those energies of the client who is with there during the coaching. The horse is able to honestly and non- judgmentally resonate with the client’s emotions and thoughts during the coaching session and the horse’s awareness can reflect back to the client what the client most needs to know or understand about situations in his or her life that are being addressed by the coaching.

1 horse.jpg

The client learns how to be congruent with their thoughts and feelings, behaviors and intentions by working with the horse. If we are not being authentic with ourselves during the coaching, the horse will let us know right away, thereby educating and supporting us to be our most authentic and real self.

Horse’s can teach us us how to be the leaders in our own lives, once again. They show us how to stay present for ourselves during challenging times and how we can use our thoughts and emotions in ways that nurture and propel us towards feeling comfortable and joyful in our skin. These skills can then be expressed in our outer lives and we can learn how to deepen our relationships and our connection to the world around us.

Equine coaching is:

Observing the horse

Being with the horse

Interacting with the horse

Doing some ground activities with the horse

Leading the horse

Equine coaching is NOT:

Riding the horse

icelandic horse.jpg

Horses live in a herd, a group of horses.

They are a prey animal and therefore, vulnerable in the wild. They must be highly attuned and sensitive to their surroundings and each other in order to survive.

They depend upon each other greatly in order to survive. Each horse in the herd has an important role as a group member. We can learn about the qualities required within ourselves to be better members with our own herd.


This is a homecoming to your own inner nature and to the wisdom and magic of the natural world around you.

Unless the individual understands
the total process of himself, there will
never be peace in the world
— J. Krishnamurti